Fresh Food Feed


Pet food and Animal feed industry is mainly about handling and processing bags from 2,5 kg (5 lbs) up to bags of 75 kilos (165 lbs), boxes in different size and bags in boxes. The product and market demand a high efficiency level for high volumes through out the year.
Our project architects know the world of petfood and animal nutrition through their years of experience. We work for respected customers and operate closely with reliable partners for the best line and machines. Over the years, thanks to our innovative drive and solution-oriented engineering, the processing and handling lines improved constantly, resulting in a current superior functionality, reliable equipment and great product results.

What can you expect from DynCore?

We promise no golden mountains, but we sincerely say that doing business with DynCore has no fraying edges. Appointment is appointment, even if a project goes differently than planned or if costs our money. This means doing what you promise and each other addressing responsibilities. That's how it works already decades at Verbruggen Palletizing and the same culture is in the DynCore DNA.

No fraying edges
A deal is a deal
We keep our promises
The DynCore-DNA
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DynCore designs, builds and maintains high-end processing lines for the agri-food industry.

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