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What do you do when you want to build a house? You will go to an architect to have a design made based on your wishes. In food processing it often doesn't work that way. Many growers and companies work with outdated technology and continue to repair and optimize their equipment. That’s why DynCore will start with understanding the basic principles of your process before designing a solution.

‘I have been in rice production for 25 years. In what way can DynCore help me with a total solution?’

We certainly don't claim to get the most out of all markets. But the added value of DynCore is that we take a fresh look and investigate as an independent party to find innovative solutions. Whether it concerns the processing of milk powder, rice or fresh food products. We are a solutions provider and oversee the bigger picture of processes for finding the best solutions. In our way of work t does not matter if two or twenty machines are smoothly working together. We can help you with any processing ambition in agri and food industry.

What can you expect from DynCore?

We won’t promise you mountains of gold, but we sincerely state that doing business with DynCore has no fraying edges. Appointment is appointment, even if a project turns out differently than planned or exceeds budget. This means doing what you promise and addressing responsibilities. That's already how it works for decades at the Verburggen Group and Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions. The same culture and values are in DynCore’s DNA.

No fraying edges
A deal is a deal
We keep our promises
The DynCore-DNA
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DynCore designs, builds and maintains high-end processing lines for the agri-food industry.

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