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Processing lines and solutions for food, fresh and feed industry

Designing processing solutions starts with adressing the right questions. Whether you grow onions in Poland, or want to start a new sugar project in India or want to handle big bags of pet food in the United States? If you are looking for one total solution, you have to start setting the right questions. We know which!

More measuring and knowing, longer shelf life, durability, preferably at the lowest possible cost. Recognizable challenges your company undoubtedly stands for. At the same time new requirements, demand new solutions. You can proceed with trial en error yourself, but we suggest to challenge us at DynCore to create a future-proof solution.

What we do?

DynCore designs and builds processing and handling lines through creative design, while focussing on your process. Our ability to connect and collaborate with buyers, suppliers and contractors enables us to come up with fresh ideas and solutions for our customers.

We consider every inquiry as a project, once our proposal turns into an agreement, management of each project is of high importance to us in order to meet the expectation of our customers. When a project has been realized, we continue to follow up, and take care of support and maintenance. Meaningful entrepreneurship is important to us.


The optimal solution for your plant is the result of our ambition to provide customized (turn-key) solutions with personal attention, applying state of the art technology considering every project as unique. This means your ambitions are the drivers of our project approach.


We take great pride in knowing and understanding our customers and their challenges. Customer intimacy is our value proposition and the base for confidence and trust. Understanding your product and processes are essential to us.

When the contact and relation has been established, we start to investigate your inquiry, and aim for a systematic approach in order to get a good and full understanding of how you would be served best.

How we work - The Dyncore Project approach

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The DynCore project approach

How can we be of service?

Let’s get in touch!

Step 1

Your challenge

A new processing line, specific handling solutions or upgrading an existing installation. You require a plan by specialists understanding your product and market. Contact Dyncore and let us know what your challenges are.

Step 2
Pleased to meet you!

We want to get to know you, your product and processes, and understanding ofyour new demand.

Step 3

Make a plan

First, we will visualize your needs by creating a flow chart in order to objectify the requirements before diving into details of how to fill it in. Once all is clear we start finding the right equipment and suppliers, and in specific cases partners which could be able to design and producethe right processing line.

Step 4


The result of our planning process will be presented to you in a quotation, supported with drawings and visuals where needed in order togive you a full insight of our proposed solution and how we came to this conclusion.

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Step 5

A new processing line,specific solution or upgrading an existing installation.For this you require a planfrom specialists who have understanding of your product and market.

Step 6


The final installation on your site will be carried out with accuracy and following the agreed regulations and planning. At last yoursolution is being realized.

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Step 7


When the installation isready to be commissioned, together we will commission your purchase, checking offall prior to order agreed objectives and specifications.Congratulations!

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Step 8

Aftersales & maintenance

Once a project has been realized we don’t forget about you. We will be available for support and maintenance when needed. Also, preventive maintenance can be managed by DynCore, we connect and work with you with a focus on a long term relationship.

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DynCore designs, builds and maintains high-end processing lines for the agri-food industry.

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